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Advanced Facial Treatments

Customized For Your Needs

At The WaX Pot you can expect to get quality, professional skin care services. Now offering Advanced Esthetic services to correct and improve skin health. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is responsible for protecting us from the invasion of foreign substances as well as serve as the transfer point for the release of toxins. As an honest mirror of our inner health and well being our skin needs and deserves to be taken care of. With consistent treatments, over time, you will see noticeable improvements to the tone, texture, and overall health and appearance of your skin. The health of the entire body will benefit from regular skin care treatments.


The Difference You’re Looking For

An effective way of hair removal that will allow no maintenance to the waxed area for about 30 days. Wax for vacation or as a regular part of your monthly self care.

Natural Ingredients

Light to Medium Depth Chemical Peels

Truly Exceptional Results

Peels are an effective way of  removing several layers of dead skin to help with fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, sun damage, breakouts and acne

Plasma Fibroblast

Skin tag removal

Other non cancerous skin growth removal

skin resurfacing

scar revision

non surgical skin tightening

stretch mark reduction

 This is an advanced treatment using Radio Frequency Plasma Energy to reduce skin in target areas.  Upper lids, lower lids, jowls, sides of face, neck, full face, etc. Can be used in all areas of the face and body.


Proudly Introducing... The WaX Pot....owner Janna


The WaX Pot was first opened in Jacksonville, Illinois April 1, 2008.  That just happened to be my 38th Birthday! I had no idea, at that time, how this dream of mine would become such a wonderful part of my life.  It started with an inquiry on how to improve my own adult acne.  It turned into "I want to do that"!!  Help others having similar issues.

I have been blessed for sure.  Not only do I love what I do, I enjoy meeting each new client that comes through my doors, and treasure the friendships that have formed.  

In May 2023 I completed my AAS Degree in Advanced Practice Esthetics, 15 years after completing my basic esthetics license.  I now offer corrective skincare therapies that can effectively treat and improve skin health.

My goal is to create a warm, trusting, and comfortable environment, whether we are treating a skin concern or doing a Brazilian Wax.

I am married and have 3 children and God is my foundation. 

Be Kind and Love one another.

3 Smiling Women


A SMILE is the most BEAUTIFUL thing you can wear!

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327 Main Street South, Suite 5
Sauk Centre, MN 56378, USA

Call/Text (320) 267-4046

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