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Natural Ingredients

Vitamin Peel

Truly Exceptional Results for women, men and teens.

Peels are effective at:

 Renewing skin cells rapidly and stimulating new cell production

Accelerating the removal of dead, damaged, and dull skin cells

Reducing and smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles

Improving the skins tone and texture

Fading skin discolorations and correcting sun damage

Temporarily reducing excessive skin oils

Clearing up and controlling acne breakouts

Reducing the appearance of large pores and acne scarring

Reducing mild scarring

Removal of blackheads, whiteheads and milia bumps

Thinning and organizing the stratum corneum

Increasing collagen formation

Increasing hydration levels

Increasing epidermal thickness

The following are all 30 minute treatments

$60 - Retinal + Vitamin C Peel

         Light to Medium Deep Peels

$50 - Student Acne Treatment

Back Acne Treatment Available, contact for details

Vitamin Peel: Service
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